An Open Letter To New Voters

Hello there! I bet you’re wondering why I’ve decided to write an open letter to the new voters. I am a newly registered voter as well. I’ve only recently been interested in Philippine Politics as I knew I was going to be able to vote soon. I am writing this open letter to express myself and what I have learned from my history professor’s timeless messages and I figured it would be good to share them all to you.

First of all, I’d like to tell you the very first lesson my History Professor taught us. It was that of erasing history. He told us that we Filipinos have a bad habit of erasing and sometimes revising our own history. He pointed out that we don’t read much and that we easily accept highly-awarded people’s testimonies about our history. In his class, he made us read various readings that all had different topics, but would always lead to a main idea.

He encouraged us to educate ourselves well. He also pointed out that the women are the foundation of society. It is because they are the ones who cook for them men and care for them after a long day’s work. If you educate a woman, you educate the whole society. From that lesson, I realized that I should really take advantage of my opportunities here in De La Salle University. For the lessons I learn here, will equip me in my future arrangements. And so, as a new voter, I encourage you guys to read more about the candidates and their platforms. I encourage you to look for consistency in them when you watch the forums. I encourage you to do well in your studies, and not let anything get in the way of it. Because it won’t only be you benefitting from it but also your beloved country.

Secondly, there was a piece he made us read entitled “The Loves Of Rizal”. In that piece, we were able to read about all the lovers he had and were able to distinguish if he was really a playboy or not. And we found out that he is not. He had many lovers, but they weren’t as we call it in Tagalog, “sabay-sabay”, it was one at a time and he never thought of cheating with anyone of them. He and his brother made a pact that Rizal couldn’t marry while his brother can, this was for Rizal’s one and true love. His greatest love of all was both filial and patriotic. He loved his mom so much that he was inspired by her to rise above the rest and seize the challenge and take initiative in getting his country back.

His patria adorada was the greatest love he had. It was his mission and it was a jealous lover, requiring him to sacrifice several pleasures in his life. His sense of nationalism was incomparable and very heartwarming. I’ve learned to love my country more and be proud of our superior race. I encourage you to love our country as well and choose the right leader when you vote in the upcoming elections.

To sum it all up, I hope that the new voters will be able to choose the right leader by educating themselves with information about them, not believing everything they say at once, and really picking a leader that would help our country. The other message i’d like to leave with the new voters is that you should love your country, for our race is a superior one.

Thanks for reading! x


7 responses to “An Open Letter To New Voters

  1. I was about to ask where you are studying until I read that you are a La Sallian as well. Is this history prof your talking about is Mr. Chua?


  2. Nice one, Alex! I agree, as a democratic nation, we should take responsibility and exercise our right to vote. After all, the power of the people is stronger than the people in power.


  3. “I hope that the new voters will be able to choose the right leader by educating themselves with information about them, not believing everything they say at once…” I agree! And I think this is something I and a lot of voters should work on.


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