Questions A 90’s Baby Would Ask

In this blog post, I decided to ask people of my generation a simple question, “If you were given the chance to ask the presidential candidates a question, what would it be and why?”, and I figured to list some of them down. Hopefully, they get to be addressed during one of the candidates’ forums.

  1. “What is really the purpose of the multi-party sytem in the country? Does it do anything significant to aid the problems faced by the country?” – Mary Khristine P. Juan , DLSU
  2. “If you were not elected as president, how would you plan to help the Philippines?”– Allen Joshua F. Olaño , DLSU
  3. As a student from the College Of Education in De La Salle University, I would like to ask what you think is the real cause of poor education here in the Philippines and what could you do to eradicate it, if elected?” -Angeline Carmela I. Valenzuela , DLSU
  4. “If elected as President of the Republic of the Philippines, how would you specifically deal with the problem of traffic in Manila?” – Alexandra Marie P. Cruz , DLSU
  5. “Given the several issues and problems that are brought upon by the system of governance, and the disputes against other sectors, do you think that amending the 1987 Constitution can solve some of these issues, especially concerning ideas that have evolved through time? If yes, then which articles and why?” – Maria Patricia G. Ramos , ADMU
  6. “According to the World Economic Forum, the Philippines’ economic rank has been improving; with this in mind however, as the economy grows the gap between the rich and the poor increase as well. Since poverty is one of the main problems in the country, how would you plan to address this problem but also continue to develop the country’s economy to ensure global competitiveness? Please cite concrete examples.” – Denise San Jose , ADMU
  7. “How would you improve the rate and quality of public-private partnerships given the fact that it has been sluggish?” – Brendan L. Barcena , DLSU
  8. “Why presidency and not a different government position?” – Marco Nery , DLSU
  9. “If you weren’t running for president, who among your co-candidates would you vote for?” – Breana Shinelle Tan
  10. “What makes them so confident that they can fulfill their platforms, if the previous presidents failed to do so?” – Breana Shinelle Tan , DLSU
  11. “Why do you think that your platform/proposal is best for the Philippines?” – Colevin Chua , DLSU
  12. “Are you willing to show your medical/hospital records to the public?” – Catherine Cruz , DLSU
  13. “The issue of corruption has been cited as one of the biggest reasons as to why there are so many issues like the lack of funding for infrastructural projects as well as the unavailability of basic services to our country’s citizens. How are you going to address corruption on a large scale, like the embezzlement of funds originally meant for project, and on a relatively smaller scale, like those who offer a much shorter way to get access to basic necessities like forms in the DFA or one’s plastic driver’s license card. How can you ensure that your proposed measures will be implemented and enforced properly?” – Emmanuel Del Rosario , ADMU
  14. “What is your first plan of action and how do you plan to make it sustainable?” – Louis Dairo Rivera , DLSU
  15. “Tensions among international relationships have catalyzed themselves into a heavy strain caused by terrorist threats of different forms occurring in multiple countries, including the bomb threat issued by ISIS towards the Philippines last year. With such a threat to diplomacy and security to any country, how will you be able to ensure that the Philippines will be able to handle such a dangerous issue that can affect virtually anybody?” – Ramon Tanjuatco , ADMU
  16. “How do you plan on fixing the problem regarding traffic because it has a negative effect to the point that it is affecting our country’s productivity?” – Paco Munarriz , ADMU
  17. “What is the first thing you would do as president?” – Kristel Monzon , DLSU
  18. “How will you be able to prevent terrorist incidents such as what occurred in Paris/Brussels? How can you make the citizens of the Philippines feel secure without having to think about being threatened by terrorist groups such as the ISIS?” – Nia Marie G. Cervantes , DLSU
  19. “What area/sector of the economy/country would you put more effort into developing?” – Moesha Albarracin , UP Diliman
  20. “If you become president, what is your biggest priority and what is the role of the youth in it?” – Jasmine Frances Burgos , DLSU
  21. “Why are you only runnng for presidency this year and not the previous years?” – Jessica  Magaoay , DLSU
  22. “What can you do to help lessen the poverty rate here in the Philippines? And with the solution you will propose, is it possible for it to be done within 2 years?” – Sabrina Alexis P. Ng , DLSU
  23. “What are your thoughts on the proposed budget cut for our country’s state universities and colleges?” – Theresa Endaya , UP Diliman
  24. “What do you think is the main cause of the unceasing Muslim insurgency and what can you do to address the issue?” – Koleen F. Omila , DLSU

*90’s baby. A 90s baby is one who was born in the 90’s (1990-1999)








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