Role of The Youth

Before, many would account to say that young adults have little to no interest in politics because of their growing usage to gadgets or due to the low voter turnout. However, as I’ve realized in my 18 years of existence, there are many educated young adults who actually participate in politics every day. Politics isn’t only about the government, it occurs whenever there is a social activity involving two or more persons. That happens because politics is a search for resolution of conflicts through consensus and compromise.

Since politics is present in all human groups, it means that the youth has a role in it as well. In this blog post, I’d like to discuss the role of the youth in politics today. Growing up in a private school gave us the chance to join various clubs and organizations. In my previous high school, we had a student government and everyone saw the effort they put into their respective programs and events. Even today in college, we also have student governments for each of the different colleges. It trains the youth to experience what it’s like serving the people by the people.

As I’ve noticed in my social media accounts, my peers and other people around my age really have their views on political issues. Just like how they root for certain candidates or how they disapprove of some of the candidate’s platforms. The youth is also interested in the debates that are being held at various locations. For example, the #LeaderIWant forum that was held in De La Salle University last January 20,2016 was a much awaited event by the Lasallian community. Unfortunately, only 1 president-vice president tandem were able to go. Many were dismayed at the outcome, but it was also insightful to hear Mr. Durtete and Mr. Cayetano expound on their platforms.

The youth’s political participation is relevant since 40 percent of the total registered voters in the country come from the youth sector, according to Andres Bautista, the chairman of the Commission on Election. The youth should exercise their right to suffrage and by choosing the right leader, the country they live in can finally progress.

The leaders that they choose to run the country aren’t relevant only for the people of today,  but also for the ones who will come tomorrow. Choosing their leaders wisely and seriously would not only help their country, but also shape a new generation. Only through educating the youth and building new attitudes of nationalism will further enhance their critical minds into choosing the right leader.

To conclude, Time magazine covered a story on May 2013 calling the Millennials “the new greatest generation” and predicted “the Millennials will save us all.”



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